AccuCall Pro is a call accounting program created for the ADIX Telecommunications System. This powerful software allows you to monitor your telephone system’s activity in progress by tracking the calls to the system. You can also create reports of past call activity using the AccuCall Pro report option or by exporting the data into Microsoft ExcelTM. SMDR must be installed in the ADIX Telecommunications System to use AccuCall Pro.

Real-Time Monitoring

The Real-Time Monitoring feature of AccuCall Pro allows you to view ADIX System events in the Tracking window as they happen. The window displays pertinent information about the call, including:

  • Call duration
  • Call date and time
  • Extension numbers
  • Trunk numbers
  • Transferred stations

Historical Reports

This feature takes Station Message Detail Reporting (SMDR) to the next level by converting your telephone system database into reports either with the AccuCall Pro report option or by exporting the data directly into Microsoft Excel™. You can run reports by some of the following options:

  • Abandoned Calls
  • Account Code
  • Department Group
  • Extensions

  • Trunk Group

  • Trunks

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