It's a new dawn in America. Small businesses are cropping up faster than ever before. The constant demand for the latest technological innovations abound from every corner of the business world. How can you meet your small business customers' demands? With ADIX-S from Iwatsu, that's how.

ADIX-S was designed with the small business in mind. Its compact configuration may be packed full of features like Caller ID, ISDN, and Computer Telephony Integration at a price that can't be beat. And ADIX-S will grow with a business because migration to the larger ADIX-M is as easy as 1-2-3.

More and more, in today's ever evolving landscape of business communications, you are challenged to propose a small system that can meet your customers' needs. Iwatsu has just made your job a whole lot easier. ADIX-S.

Pack ADIX-S Full of Power

ADIX-S was designed to blow the competition away. It offers all the features of the larger ADIX and ADIX-M systems in a configuration that maxes out at 12 lines and 24 telephones plus voice mail.

With the advent of the new IX-408 and IX-044 circuit cards, you can pack a whole lot of power into a small amount of cabinet space. Each 12-port IX-408 card supports up to 8 digital station ports and 4 caller ID lines. The versatile IX-044 card comes standard with 4 single line ports and 4 digital station ports. Four caller ID ports may be added to the IX-044 card by installing the IX-400 caller ID expansion board.

ADIX-S, The New Standard in Small Business Systems

ADIX-S offers a veritable selection of features that are unique for a system of this size. Take a look at some of the prominent features that help make ADIX-S the new standard in small business systems:




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