The ADIX APS (Application Processing System) is the culmination of Iwatsu's commitment to provide a single, easily expandable telecommunications platform that meets the needs of both large and small businesses. Because communication is at the foundation of every successful business, Iwatsu has designed the ADIX APS to provide the reliability, flexibility, and ease of use you expect from your telephone system.

Enhance Productivity Today and Tomorrow

ADIX APS was engineered to help make your business more productive and profitable both today and tomorrow. Whether you require the flexibility of features such as ISDN and ACD, the capability to grow your telephone system as your business grows, or productivity enhancing features such as integration with your PC network, ADIX APS can be configured to satisfy your needs. Additionally, Iwatsu's product development is never on hold. As new telecommunications technologies emerge, ADIX APS will continue to provide your business with a resource to gain a competitive advantage.

Seamless Growth to 472 Ports

The modular design of ADIX APS provides a seamless growth path from a 4-line, 8-station system to a 5-cabinet 472-port system. Regardless of system size, each user has access to the entire ADIX APS feature set. This includes features such as Conference Calls, Station Messaging, Toll Restriction, Hunt Groups, Call Coverage, and Speed Dial.

Omega-Phone Digital Telephones

ADIX APS features Omega-Phone Digital Key Telephones. The Omega-Phone IX-12KT series has eight fully programmable feature keys with red LEDs, four fixed feature keys, 12 or 24 multipurpose keys with red and green LEDs that are fully programmable for feature and line status indication, and an optional liquid crystal display. You may also choose from a 12-key Versa-Phone, or the DCKT900 Digital Wireless Key Telephone. A Direct Station Selection Unit and Attendant Console are also available.

Call Center Solutions

At Iwatsu, we believe that a part of every business can be called a "call center." For this reason we've designed our ADIX ACD to offer both traditional and informal call centers the following competitive advantages:Improve Customer Service using Flexible Call Routing to send calls to the most qualified group or person customize call handling based on incoming line, time of day, or agent availability using Sequence Tables Increase Profits and Optimize Staffing with Iwatsu's Software Solutions for the Call Center. Computer Telephony Solutions ADIX APS was designed to serve as the foundation for advanced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions. CTI will help your business achieve a higher level of flexibility and productivity by linking your voice network with your data network. Benefits of CTI include a more knowledgeable work force, enhanced customer service, and shortened call duration.

Integrated Voice Mail/Auto Attendant

Omega-Voice VMI, an integrated Voice Mail System manufactured by Iwatsu, provides your company with the presence and call processing power of a large-scale voice mail system in a revolutionary package. Omega-Voice VMI features up to 8 voice mail ports, 600 mailboxes, and 300 hours of message storage. In addition, the system's Automated Attendant may be used to greet callers with specific announcements based on the incoming line, or number dialed.

Omega-Voice VMI helps assure that every call is answered in a highly professional and organized manner.

There are two different ADIX-APS Models.  Visit the information pages below for further details.