Powerful Communications for Small Offices and Home Offices

ADIX-VS was designed to provide small businesses, telecommuters, and home office users the same advanced capabilities typically available only in a large communications system. Engineered from the same architecture as the award-winning ADIX platform, ADIX-VS delivers advanced feature functionality today, with the capability to grow with your business into the future.

Build ADIX-VS to Suit Your Needs

ADIX-VS was designed with a flexible configuration that supports up to 16 telephones, 6 outside lines, 4 voice mail / automated attendant ports, and 5 peripheral devices. ADIX-VS starts out small with 6 digital telephones, 2 analog ports, Omega-Voice VMI, and a connector for music on hold. You may configure ADIX-VS with Caller ID lines and ISDN BRI lines. In addition, an optional Miscellaneous Function card lets you add peripheral devices such as external paging, relays and background music.

Increase Productivity with ADIX-VS

ADIX-VS has many features designed to enhance productivity. Two outside line choices, Analog Caller ID and ISDN BRI, let you take advantage of advanced telephone company services like Caller ID. The Caller ID Storage feature lets you scroll through a display of calls and return them without having to dial a phone number. In addition, with Omega-Voice VMI Voice Mail, ADIX-VS takes Caller ID to the next level by allowing you to monitor a voice mail message as it is being recorded and speak with the caller at the touch of a button. ADIX-VS also benefits the mobile worker. With the optional DCKT900 Digital Wireless Telephone, calls can be answered from anywhere in the building.

Omega-Phone Digital Telephones

ADIX-VS features Omega-Phone Digital Key Telephones. Omega-Phone Digital Telephones simplify the way you communicate by providing information at your fingertips. Whether it's the oversized two-line liquid crystal display, a clearly-labeled multipurpose key with two LEDs, or the incoming call indicator lamp, Omega-Phone Digital Telephones make it easy to take advantage of the many features of ADIX-VS. There are four types of Omega-Phones to choose from, including the DCKT900 Digital Wireless Key Telephone and the field-upgradeable 12KTD/S-2. In addition, ADIX-VS will support the COMLINK Computer Telephony Interface Adapter. COMLINK provides a direct connection from ADIX-VS to your desktop PC.

Integrated Voice Mail/Auto Attendant

ADIX-VS comes equipped with Omega-Voice VMI, an integrated Voice Mail System by Iwatsu. Omega-Voice VMI provides your company with the presence and call processing power of a large-scale voice mail system in a revolutionary package. Omega-Voice VMI features up to 4 voice mail ports, 50 mailboxes, and 2 hours of message storage. In addition, the system's Automated Attendant may be used to greet callers with specific announcements based on the incoming line, or number dialed. Omega-Voice VMI helps assure that every call is answered in a highly professional and organized manner.

ADIX-VS Capacities

In a basic configuration, ADIX-VS supports 6 Digital Stations, 2 Analog Stations, 4-port Voice Mail/Auto Attendant, and Programming, SMDR and External MOH Source connection. Optional trunk configurations include any combination of 3 ISDN BRI Trunk Interface Cards or Analog Caller ID Trunk Interface Cards. (Note: The ISDN BRI Trunk Interface Card supports one 2B + D ISDN BRI line. The Caller ID Trunk Interface Card supports 2 caller ID/loop start trunks.) Other options include a 4-port Digital Station card and a 5-port Miscellaneous Function card. At maximum capacity, the ADIX-VS will support:

  • 14 Digital Stations
  • 2 Analog Stations
  • 4-port Voice Mail Auto Attendant
  • 5 Miscellaneous Function Ports
  • 2 Serial Ports
  • 3 ISDN BRI lines or 6 Caller ID trunk lines.