The Iwatsu America Global Accounts Program provides organizations with multiple locations the competitive edge by enabling them to integrate, centralize, and improve their telecommunications power. How? By standardizing on Iwatsu's industry renowned Omega-Phone ADIX family of telecommunications systems.

Standardize on One Product for All Your Locations

With Iwatsu's ADIX line - our versatile, single-platform product - consistent operation among multiple offices will increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Regardless of the size of your offices, or the features you require, ADIX will satisfy the communications needs of your entire organization. The single-platform architecture of ADIX also protects your original investment by allowing telephones and interface cards to be easily exchanged among offices. Iwatsu's easy expansion and migration potential makes it one of the wisest business decisions you can make. No other investment will pay dividends as well as your Omega-Phone ADIX.

Your Telecommunications Source

The Iwatsu America Global Accounts Program was developed to provide multiple location organizations with a centralized and comprehensive source for addressing their telecommunications requirements. We provide a complete offering of implementation, consulting, training, and support services to ensure long term customer satisfaction and success.

The Iwatsu Advantage