DAYTON OH  45404

 PHONE#: (937) 224-3445

  FAX#: (937) 224-9461

E-MAIL: reliable@dayton.net


Reliable Communications installs only IWATSU Adix Business Telephone Systems.  There are options to choose from when trying to assess which system would accommodate your business needs the most efficiently.  Adix offers 3 choices of systems, and at least 1 of them will be a perfect match for your company.


ADIX-VS System

ADIX-APS (S/M Systems)

Iwatsu Global Accounts


      Accessories such as Headsets, Cordless Phones, Long Handset Cords, and Wall Mount Kits are available in addition to the system installations described above.

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We also service all Iwatsu equipment and accessories, whether installed by us or another vendor.  Replacement parts are always available through our Authorized Distributor status.  You can rest assured if parts are needed, we can acquire them.

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