DAYTON OH  45404

 PHONE#: (937) 224-3445

  FAX#: (937) 224-9461

E-MAIL: reliable@dayton.net


Reliable Communications offers sales support for every type of system we service.  If a part is needed to repair a system, Reliable will be able to locate and order even hard to find items to ensure your system is operational as soon as possible.   At Reliable, our name describes our service.  If you'd like to find out if we can get a certain part, e-mail us at the above address.  We will research availability and price, then contact you with all the pertinent information.


Certain accessories are available exclusively for the IWATSU Adix Business Telephone Systems.  Below are a few of the items that can be added.


ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Package

Accu Call Software Package

Omega Voice Auto Attendant/Voice Mail System


We offer installation for any Iwatsu equipment and accessories purchased from us.  Whether a headset or even additional telephones, Reliable is the company that provides you with quality installations.  We even provide on-site training on all the system we install, including voice mail training when voice mail is purchased.

Visit our INSTALLATION Page for more installation information.


We offer repair service through the original vendor on the accessories we sell, especially Iwatsu equipment.  Replacement items are even available for most items that are still within the warranty period specified at the point of sale by Reliable.

  Visit our SERVICE Page for more service information.